Suzanne L Cruver

Wrote three video scripts for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston about the Bayou Bend estate, its gardens, and decorative arts collection. Bayou Bend was the Houston home of Miss Ima Hogg. She donated her entire 14-acre estate to the museum in 1957.  The videos can be viewed in the Lora Jean Kilmore/Bayou Bend Visitor and Education Center. 




Script 1


  • "Orientation"

    • Welcome to the Visitor Center and Bayou Bend

    • Entering estate via public suspension bridge

    • The mansion

    • Home interior and collections

    • Gardens and woodlands

    • About the Kilmore Center


Script 2


  • "Creating a Southern Oasis: Bayou Bend Gardens"

    • Introduction

    • Cultural and family influences

    • Garden development (1926-1934)

    • Garden formalization (1934-1940)

    • Nurturing, ongoing care & preservation

    • Importance, historic significance & recognition


Script 3


  • "The American Decorative Arts Collection at Bayou Bend"

    • Ima Hogg's passion for collecting

    • Building the collection

    • Defining American decorative and fine art - function vs. decoration

    • The Bayou Bend collection and how it is presented

    • Bayou Bend never intended to be a museum

    • Ima Hogg's dream to connect Texans with their roots through the collection


Edited script of "Think Like a Houstonian," an award-winning video prepared by Houston social agencies to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina living in Houston area (2007).

Co-wrote and edited scripts for the "Our House" television series

"Our House" was a 13-episode, weekly television show about economical, energy-efficient home projects. Sponsored by Houston Lighting & Power, the program aired in the Houston area and was syndicated in 20 major markets in the country after that.


The programs showed viewers how energy-efficient home improvements could affect the size of their utility bills while providing a beneficial impact on the environment.  


Each week the hosts focused on a different part of the home where improvements could result in energy efficiency and cost savings, such as windows, kitchens, insulation and interior designs. Special episodes included programs on the National Association of Home Builders Show, Habitat for Humanity, home renovation, home safety, and the next generation. 


Co-wrote and edited script for TV special 

"Our House at the White House"

"Our House at the White House" was an Our House television special that took viewers behind the scenes for a look at "The Greening of the White House" project -- a comprehensive, multi-year plan instituted by the Clinton Administration to improve energy efficiency and cut waste throughout the White House complex. 


The project highlighted practical steps that all homeowners could take to benefit the environment, save money and improve the comfort of their surroundings. 


The TV program took viewers through some of the most famous and historic rooms of the White House and showed them around the landscaped grounds surrounding the White House to reveal some of the Clinton Administration's "greening" efforts.