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“There are few small acts of sexual harassment to victims. When an unwelcome sexually related action or comment occurs, the harasser sees it as a little thing now past, whereas the victim sees it as a sign that bigger, worse things and perhaps violence may be coming next.”

– Houston Human Resource

Management Association

Risky Business

When Sally Smith at XYZ Company returned to her job after a week’s vacation, everyone in the office treated her differently. They looked at her, smiled or laughed and exchanged hushed comments among themselves. What had she done? What had happened while she was away?


Later, Sally learned that during her vacation, a co-worker had hung a Playboy centerfold on the bulletin board, replacing the model’s face with a picture of Sally cut from a staff photo.


The embarrassing picture had been removed before Sally’s return, but not before everyone in the company had a chance to look at it. Now Sally found herself forced to work in a hostile environment, unable to do her work, feeling uncomfortable and humiliated. She was a victim of sexual harassment.


DBA Houston Magazine



The First Word Spoken from the Moon

City to Celebrate Silver Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

One of history's greatest events took place on July 20, 1969. People around the world, glued to their televisions, watched in awe as a man dressed in a space suit with the American flag on the left shoulder opened the door in a strange looking space vehicle, climbed down the stairs, and set foot on the moon.  The first words that the people heard were -- "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."


Houston, twenty-five years later will again have the opportunity to celebrate this great occasion and the fact that Houston is the heart and soul of the U.S. Space Program. From July 16 to July 20, 1994, the "25th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing -- The Legacy Lives On" will be celebrated in a multi-program event at the Astrodome complex.


This special celebration will pay tribute to Apollo II and will recognize the people who made the lunar landing possible. It will promote the education of math and science for children, and stress the importance of education in these areas as critical to the economic future of the United States.  It will show how the U.S. Space Program has provided technology and products enjoyed daily, and how this program is more than putting men and machines in space.

The Houston Engineer Magazine

Partnering for Profits


[NOTE: This article was written when the idea of two major corporations teaming up in a joint retail venture was first being considered--a unique partnership that would be a prototype for the nation.]


When Ron Latchley learned that McDonald’s planned to test a new retail concept just 1.5 miles from one of his five Houston-area McDonald’s franchises, he had to be involved. “I knew I would be impacted greatly (economically),” he says. “If a new store was going to be located here, I decided to be a part of it”.


“It” is a cooperative effort between McDonald’s and Exxon, recently opened at the intersection of Wilcrest and I-10 in west Houston, which serves as a built-from-the-ground-up prototype for other McDonald’s/energy company ventures across the nation.  

. . . 

To say that franchise partnering is target marketing at its best would be an understatement. For the consumer, it means convenience, better customer service and time-saving, one-stop shopping.  For the franchisee, it means reduced costs, increased margins,  brand and product synergy, and a way to grow.


For everyone, it's a win-win opportunity. 


DBA Houston Magazine


Massage and Psychotherapy – Can Massage Help Heal the Emotions?


Most people have tried massage to ease the tensions of the day or relieve a few aching muscles. But some people are trying special forms of massage to help heal deep-rooted emotional problems, and this application is causing some concern in the mental health care community.


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and its companion treatment, SomatoEmotional Release (SER), are very gentle techniques of extremely light touch that supposedly tap into hidden memories and pain. But there is a tremendous difference of opinion about their effectiveness and safety.


So far, no medical organization has voiced an official position either for or against these therapies, and most mental health professionals seem to be taking a wait-and-see approach.


Sarasota Magazine – Health Report

Enchanting Sarasota – Florida’s Cultural Capital


You’ve come to Sarasota for many reasons…a serene walk by our sparkling bay at sunrise, a morning round of golf on one of our five fine courses, wild dolphins playing in the surf as the sun meets the horizon.


Natural beauty abounds and is matched only by a cultural calendar spilling over with soul-stirring opera, ballet, theater, museums and galleries.


Shopping and dining are exceptional treats, from the European flavor of St. Armands Circle to colorful, “beachy” Siesta Village to downtown’s trendy bistros, galleries and shops.


We welcome you to our lovely city with open arms, knowing you’ll enjoy discovering the many treasures we have.


SEE Sarasota Magazine



Bayou Living At Its Best


If you find it too hot these days here in Houston, try this.


Close your eyes, and imagine walking along a winding flagstone path in a lush, green garden lined with exotic ferns, gingers, myrtle, camellias and azalea plants.


In your hand is a glass of freshly made iced tea. Towering above you are immense shade trees filtering the sunlight and casting an ever-changing pattern of shadows all around you.


Add to this the soothing sound of a fountain bubbling into a lily pond. Then stop when you come to the end of the path. Look down an embankment blanketed in aspidistra and monkey grass, over the tops of graceful willows, to an expansive view of a tree-lined bayou. Watch as the bayou waters flow slowly around the bend, listen to the quietness, and inhale the moment.


Feel a little cooler now?

Houston Lifestyle Magazine

Driven to Create - Bob Pack

Successful Sculptor 

Exceptional Artist with Attention Deficit Disorder


Bob Pack has been a dreamer all his life. Impulsive. Impatient. His boldness throughout the years has included taking lots of risks – one of the biggest was to leave a successful career in the insurance business 18 years ago to pursue his love of sculpting and make it his livelihood.


Today that decision has paid off, and as the owner of Bob Pack Studios in Fort Bend County, he is realizing greater success than he ever could have imagined. His creative genius as an artist has earned him a reputation as the foremost sculptor of bronze sports figures in the world


Today that same boldness has led Pack to another significant decision—to talk about the recent discovery that he has ADD--Attention Deficit Disorder.  He hopes in sharing his story he will be able to reach others who may be suffering from this same unsettling neurological condition that has played havoc with his life.


Fort Bend Lifestyle Magazine


Houston Baptist University -- Celebrates Four Decades of Remarkable History

It has been there for 40 years now, tucked quietly away in the heart of the city behind the towering buildings of Southwest Memorial Hospital on a 100-acre triangle of open land.


Hardly noticed, although the street signs all point the way, it is bordered by the city streets of Fondren and Beechnut and the Southwest Freeway.


For the most part, motorists who are driving by Houston Baptist University are not aware of what lies beyond its gated entrance—a campus that is the home of one of the most dynamic independent institutions of higher learning in the United States.


Houston Lifestyle Magazine

Sylvan Rodriguez – His Toughest Assignment 

Beating the Odds Against Cancer


He is the ultimate journalist and a remarkable human being. His winning smile, distinctive voice and professional demeanor have become a trademark both on and off camera.


Since 1977, Sylvan Rodriguez has been bringing the news of the world to millions of television viewers in the Houston market. His appearance has provided a sense of stability in a sometimes unstable industry.


His community involvement and ability to promote support for a variety of worthy charities has been constant over the years. Everyone knows and loves Sylvan. He has always been there, and no one would even imagine that perhaps it might be otherwise.


Houston Lifestyle & Homes Magazine

The Press Club of Houston - Excellence in Journalism Award

Don Jordan…A Man Who Knows How to Get the Job Done


President, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo -- Chairman & CEO, Houston Industries Inc., Houston Lighting & Power Company


“It is said that mankind has made progress throughout history by standing on the shoulders of giants. I don’t know many giants; but, I do know that the energy and imagination of people who can look forward to great events and cause these events to take place for the benefit of future generations is the kind of leadership that makes a city or a country great…”


Don Jordan was sharing this bit of philosophy with a group of young men and women at the Calf Scramble Committee Awards Banquet in March of 1993, a few months before he would take over the reigns as president of the largest event of its kind in the world—the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.


It was a speech full of inspiration and encouragement. He was congratulating them on a job well done, and telling them that “success doesn’t just happen…you make it happen.” He should know.


Houston Lifestyle Magazine



Facing the Challenge --


Fort Bend Chamber, Economic Development Council Actively Working to Attract New Business and Encourage Expansion of Existing Firms


In 1822, members of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred Colony founded Richmond and named it after the capital of Virginia.


In 1833, the railroad came to Fort Bend County and Rosenberg was founded.


In 1840, a sea captain came to Fort Bend with a few stalks of sugar cane, and by 1890, a complete sugar refinery was operating in what is now Sugar Land.


Fort Bend grew from the outside—in, and with Houston’s assumption of leadership in the oil and gas industry, it was easy to take the overflow from the city’s dynamic growth.


During that time, no one worried about stimulating economic growth. The problem was to stay ahead of the natural growth resulting from Houston’s rise as the energy capital of the world.


As late as 1982, most people wondered if we would “catch up” with this growth. What we lacked were houses, roads, schools, police, utilities, and hospitals.


What we did not lack were economic development challenges.


Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Magazine


Partners In Success


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is fortunate to have a vast number of companies involved as major sponsors.  


Why do so many companies embrace the Show?  They do so because it makes good marketing sense and promotes corporate visibility. They do so because it gets their employees involved and benefits something everyone believes in -- the education and future of young people.


Major corporate sponsors give for many of the same reasons other supporters of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo give, but they do so at higher levels.


H Magazine

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo


A Business Investment, Not a Business Expense


Call it innovative, entrepreneurial, action-oriented –- a business organization that’s ahead of the times. You can call it all that and more because the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic business organizations in the Houston region and outstanding chambers in the State of Texas.


Prior to the end of last year, the organization was known as the Bellaire/Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce. It changed its name for a very good reason.


Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce Magazine


Fort Bend County – Growing Better All the Time

Nationally Recognized As a Great Place to Live and Work 


How perceptions change! Twenty years ago, Fort Bend County was thought of as just a lot of open land at the end of  Houston’s Southwest Freeway. Today, it is recognized as a “boom town” and one of the “fastest-growing Top 20 white-collar addresses in the nation.”


Today, Fort Bend’s virtues are being touted from coast to coast—and beyond. It is repeatedly being recognized by the media and economic researchers as having the ingredients to be a great place to live and work.


Ranked #2 or #3 as the fastest growing county in the United States, depending on which comparison you study, the demographics are telling a very impressive story.


Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Magazine

Using Your Resumé to Get a Foot in the Door


You turn to the employment section of the newspaper one Sunday and there it is – an ad for your ideal job.


Maybe you go to work tomorrow and learn that, through no fault of your own, you’ll soon be joining the ranks of the unemployed.


Perhaps a business acquaintance calls next week and tells you about an exciting executive position that’s available, adding that you would be a good candidate and should apply.


No doubt about it, there are times you need to update that old resumé and put it to work.


DBA Houston Magazine